This is the story of 3rd Heart Tattoo.

It all starts with...

You have to meet Boomer before you can know 3rd Heart. While his driver’s license says ‘Ryan’, all the locals know him as Boomer. It's a name that was rumored to have started on the playground, and a derivative of his last name, Boomhower. And while the name Boomer might seem as intimidating to you at first as it did to the kindergartners on the playground, that will quickly fade once you get a warm smile and handshake from him...or maybe even a hug if you’re lucky (yes, he’s a hugger).

He saw the Lightof Late-Night TV.

Boomer was 27, working in a factory and had no tattoos. Unable to sleep one night, he was watching TV when Miami Ink came on. Intrigued, he watched. And he couldn’t get it out of his head. He watched more episodes and started doing research. He realized if he continued down the path he was on, someday he would wake up and be 60 and regret having never pursued his passion—art. Within a few months, he began an apprenticeship at Painless Ric’s Tattoo Shop in Camas, Washington.

The Guy has Three Hearts and a Beard.

While he doesn’t really have three literal hearts (though that could be pretty cool), Boomer has three loves in his life: God, his family and art. He named the shop after his third heart. He wanted to be an example for his kids, showing them that they can achieve anything they set out to do. What seemed impossible for a tattoo-less 27 year old, he has proven possible and done so with passion and integrity. Oh the beard? He started growing that when he opened the shop last Fall. Thankfully the shop will be around longer than he’ll be able to go without trimming it.

And a Dude stopped by.

Previously a local paramedic, Brandon decided he wanted to become a tattoo artist so he started drawing every day. After a couple years, the daily drawing turned into painting. And then the painting turned into daily tattoo work on his wife. The progression down her leg is proof that practice really does make perfect. He then apprenticed under Donovan, of Donovan's Black Label Tattoo in Vancouver and now is a great addition to the team at 3rd Heart. When he isn't tattooing, you'll find him wake boarding, snow boarding, or taking his son to the playground.

Then there was a Friend of a Friend.

Travis was trained as a tattoo artist and worked in the industry for a while, but it didn't quite feel like the right fit for him. So he left and went back to school to be an animator, but felt a hole left from tattooing. He ignored that and pursued animation until one day a friend of his showed him work done by and told him about this shop in Washougal which was different than anywhere else. He had to check it out. 

As soon as he visited the shop and met Boomer and Brandon, Travis knew that he had to return to his true love (or maybe his second true love, he is married after all). He now holds the position as the third member of the family that is 3rd Heart Tattoo. He tends toward an illustrative style, full of color. You might have a hard time finding a movie he hasn't watched, but you can always bribe him with comics.

Along came a Lady from across the Land.

Florida born and raised artist Eryn Rowe-Aponte drove with her husband and dog until they could dip their toes in the Pacific. After finding a roof over their heads, she came across 3rd Heart only to find a welcoming studio and home. Her love of art started since she was able to hold a crayon. Her primary style is black organic etchings and dotwork; however, she enjoys abstract and painterly subject matter as well.  You might find her running with her dog or watering some plants when not tattooing or drawing.